Sabtu, 16 Juli 2016

Talking About My Social Media

Glad to know that Chris 'Eric The Huntsman' Hemsworth is not a social media-freak, at least I know that he just joined Instagram. You are an inspiration, my dear huntsman. However, I am not a social media-freak, too, from very long time before i know about you!

Chris Hemsworth

Yep, Its about social media.
I am not a girl who interesting with any kind of Outfit of The Day's hashtag, that is so mainstream and I'm not that kinda person who easily wears random outfit to go somewhere without think about the politeness and without think about 'is that allowed by my religion-rules?' I'm obey with that, as best as I can.

Some friends of mine told me that they tried so hard to contact me-out, because I've already non-activated my Facebook from couple years ago, officially not active on my Twitter, and sign out from so many kinda Social and Chatting application like Path, WeChat, Telegram, Badoo, Twoo, Koprol, Skype, and so on and so on, and of course I changed my phone number too, in fact the last one was accidentally.

Once upon a time, I was a Social Media-Freak, that was embarrassing fact, yet that was true. I never spend my day without staring on my screen less than 12 hours a day, always busy, always have someone who can talk with, always have something to share and it doesn't matter how 'unimportant' that, and that was really interesting.

And then i decided to close it all one by one, slow but sure, because I just realized that my habit was so bad. I was very good and popular on social media, but i was not that good when faced my friends and neighbor. That was terrible when I realized that I shared so many things about my life to those who never care about it. I deleted all my pictures too, and I feel so happy then.

At first, you will find yourself not good, not good at all. You will feel like you let something really big that you have.. missing, under your permission. But after you pass this kinda progress, you will feel that "Oh, finally, normal life!" Yeah, actually that's what I feel.

So, I changed most of my profile picture on social media that still I have with my picture wearing niqab, It's like a mask, but more polite, and I really love it. I feel that 'InshaAllah, there is no bad people who treat me bad with my new appearance'. However, the primary purpose of my decision is help my brothers to lower their gaze and as hard as I can to keep away from what He forbade me to do, He, Allah Subhanahu wa Taala.